Our Team

We are run by a small dedicated group of Volunteers:

Our Trustees:

  • Sioux Thorpe
  • Jenni Bush
  • Kirsty Shean
  • Melissa Mallet
  • Sandra Jones
  • Emma Harrison
  • Rebekah Thorpe

Our HRA Instructors

  • Sioux Thorpe – BHSAI
  • Jenni Bush  – HRAI, BHS Stage 2 Qualified
  • Heather Lilley – BHS PTT, HRAPI
  • Kirsty Shean – HRAI
  • Melissa Mallett – HRAPI, BHS Stage 2 Qualified
  • Jenny Anslow – HRAPI
  • Sandra Jones – HRAPI
  • Emma Harrison – HRAPI
  • Abbie Elwood – HRAPI
  • Mimi Montgomery – HRAPI

Our Junior Instructors

  • Charlotte Race

Our Weekday Yard & Stable Volunteers:

Caring for our horses and ponies day in day out requires daily devotion from our dedicated group of hard working volunteers.

  • David Thorpe
  • Graham Jones
  • Sioux Thorpe
  • Kirsty Shean
  • Jenni Bush
  • Emma Young
  • Mimi Montgomery
  • Sonia Murray
  • and many others who spare time as and when they can to muck out, poo pick and more.

Our volunteers do stable duties around work commitments, we always need more help during the day to care for horses. If you would like to volunteer to help with care of our horses please see our Join Us page.

Our Administration:

  • Sioux Thorpe & Mel Mallett- Accounts and Finances
  • Jenni Bush – Website, Health & Safety, Child Protection and HRA Policies
  • Sandra Jones – Membership Secretary